Andy Fluor™和Cy® Dyes系列荧光染料


Fluorescent labeling of biomolecules enables researchers to detect specific components of complex biological assemblies with exquisite sensitivity in applications ranging from imaging and flow cytometry, to Western blots. Applied BioProbes offers a full spectrum of Andy Fluor™ Dyes for labeling antibodies, proteins, peptides, ligands, synthetic oligonucleotides and other biomolecules for use with immunochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracing, receptor labeling, and cytochemistry applications as well as probing biological structure, function and interactions.
Applied BioProbes offers a series of superior bright, highly photo-stable and excellent water-soluble Andy Fluor™ dyes spanning the visible and near-infrared (IR) spectrum for labeling biomolecules, especially proteins and nucleic acids. 
Our Andy Fluor™ antibody conjugates show brighter fluorescence signal than other fluorophore conjugates (Figure 1, and 2). Using our Andy Fluor™ dyes, you will get the brightest conjugates available for imaging, flow cytometry, and other fluorescence-based applications. Our Andy Fluor™ dyes and conjugates also show good photostability, allowing more time for image capture (Figure 3). In addition to superior brightness and good photostability, Applied BioProbes offers a wide selection of Andy Fluor™ dyes across the spectrum for multiplexing and multicolor detection.


  • Brightness—Andy Fluor™ has superior brightness
  • Photostability—Andy Fluor™ has good photostability
  • Multiplexing—Andy Fluor™ across spectrum from UV to near-IR
  • pH sensitivity—Andy Fluor™ is insensitive to pH change
  • Water solubility—Andy Fluor™ has good water solubility