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GeneCopoeia: 2013 Super Spring Savings

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Buy a qPCR kit, get 1 free validated primer! *Reference Promo Code: Spring1-1 Search primers gene miRNA View publications Search lentiviral particles for your gene Questions or bulk orders 1-866-360-9531 qPCR Kits Gene-specific primers miRNA-specific primers First-Strand c......
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Safe Harbor 基因敲入试剂盒及敲入克隆

订购敲入试剂盒及克隆 safe harbor技术介绍 其他服务 相关产品 资源 订购敲入试剂盒及克隆   优势 安全整合 靶向 safe harbor 位点的基因敲入能保证转入基因的正常转录,且无已知的副作用。 特异靶向 特异靶向 safe harbor 位点的 TALEN 或 CRISPR-Cas9 介导 DNA 双链断裂,诱发同源重组,促使转入基因整合进 safe harbor 位点。 生理学水平表达 靶向 safe harbor 位点的基因敲入能保证外源基因以低拷贝数的形式整合到目标基因组,确保转入基因的表达接近生理学水平,从而简化了表型解读。 ORF敲入亲和性 人类及小鼠各有超过20,000条经过序列验证的 ORF 可用......
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  Winners of Kindle Fire HD and $50 Amazon Gift Cards raffle – Congratulations! Kindle Fire HD:   Pravin Mishra, Postdoctoral fellow, from National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD Chian Ju Jong, Graduate student, from University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL $50 Amazon Gift Cards: Robert Pufahl, Research Assistant Professor, from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO Oksana Zagorodna, Postdoctoral fellow, from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Housto......
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ORF克隆套装 前体miRNA克隆套装 ORF克隆套装 多种载体可选的ORF克隆套装 GeneCopoeia除了提供单个克隆,还提供预制和定制的克隆套装,价格优惠,应用范围广。了解详情请点击联系我们或拨打4006-020-200。   人类全基因组克隆 货号 产品描述 基因数 克隆数 载体类型 价格 OC-HG-M02 Human whole genome mammalian expression clone sets (no tag) 12,841 16,096 pReceiver-M02    Non-viral Inquire Various Human mammalian expression clone sets (no tag) Various View all sets below Various View all ......
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